Pokemon Go Tutorial

Pokemon Go brought into real world virtual world, using their new augmented reality technology. It started from a single joke that did the company in 2014. Then, Niantic hidden pokemon in maps from Google Maps.  In July this year, Pokemon Go was released in most countries.


In some countries it was released later that officials in Niantic were not expected that the application become so viral and server began to have too crowed. The game uses GPS features of devices and maps it holds the phone and famous augmented reality (AR).


Bus idea of the game is to go as far, this is the only solution that can capture pokemon. A pretty good idea, so even the world to go out of the house.

When you enter the game, you do not necessarily have to create an account, you can associate your gmail account with your future Pokemon Go account. Good thing is that more progress will be saved on your gmail account, so if you dial from another device, you will not lose anything.  After creating your account, you can turn to customize in game character, a girl or a boy, by choise.

Not very much changed, just minor stuff. Like very game in the beginning you will be greeted by a short tutorial that explains in large part you how to play more information http://pkgocheats.com/. The place where are your character is not a place in the virtual world, but also where you are. Pokemon Go with GPS and Google API will implement you in the game. At first, you will not have the same chance like Ash to choose Pikachu, you have chosen the other special Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. But Ninantic hid the opportunity to catch Pikachu. Over time, this methos was found. If you avoid the three Pokemon 4 times in a row, eventually you will be able to capture Pikachu, and even very easy.

When a pokemon appears on the map, just press on it. At that time you will be transferred to the capture mode that can be the place which is in front of you or that special place in the game. Then, in the game, you have Pokeballs, you have to swipe the pokemon. To have a higher success rate, hold the ball and wait until the circle around pokemon will be small. Every time you capture a pokemon, evolve, visit a Pokestop or win a fight, you get experience points and Stardust.

During the game, once you start to advance in the game, you will notice that pokemon you catch them will be scare and much stronger that the one you have caught before. Only after level 5 you will be able to choose your team that you belong and you can participate in battles in Gyms. Pokeballs and potions for pokemon you will find only at Pokestops. Pokemon not just captured, they can be collected from eggs. Using incubators, you will be able to hatch required a distance, this distance varies 2km, 5km or 10km. Depending on the distance traveled, you will get pokemon.

You must expect to go through great distances in the game, just so you will be able to accomplish something. All this required distance can be performed only on foot and you can not fool the game because he knows when you walk and you to by car or bicycle.

The game consumes quite a bit of battery, you will also need an externat battery if you want to play more. Application consumption of internet look good, do not eat very much because if you have Google Maps downloaded to your phone, internet will need to show you just how your progress in the game.

Quantum theory provides unbreakable encryption solutions for future computers

Quantum physics has a strange but fundamental principle, namely that the atoms in the quantum state does not move as long as they observe or measure. It may seem counterintuitive, but researchers at Cornell University have shown that this principle is real.


The team observed that the atoms of rubidium gas cryogenically frozen cloud does not move as long as notice. Whenever scientists used a laser to measure the behavior of these atoms, they found that they become immobile. Atoms gradually resume their movement once the laser intensity was reduced gradually until it stops.

This discovery has important implications for quantum computers of the future, demonstrating that the idea of quantum cryptography information is valid. An intruder can not spy files on a computer without such access them, at which destroys all the data contained therein.

In addition, the ability to stop anytime atomic movement can lead to the development of quantum sensors and switches extraordinarily sensitive to react from the moment in which the atoms begin to slow down.

Operation of a quantum computer is based on the phenomena of superposition and entanglement and not based transistors, such as computers currently used. Instead of using bits, a quantum computer uses qubits so-called. While bits can be 1 and 0, a qubit can be simultaneously 1, 0, or any quantum superposition of them, which allows automatically perform a much larger number of calculations in a much shorter time.

It is possible to predict how the future will look and how technology will shape our everyday lives? What kind of scientific criteria should be used when we try to make predictions regarding future? Michiu famous Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at New York, speaks a few things you can expect in the future: computers controlled by mind, cibermedicină and others. In an article published in the “Herald Tribune” Kaku reveals some amazing technological breakthroughs that we can see in the near future.

Location method of triangulation

Basically, it is located at the relay gsm phone is connected at one time; phone operator knows the power of your mobile phone to GSM cell.
The urban poor are more and more the power, which enables a more precise location (approximation is typically +/- 200 meters).


The extra-urban environment are rarer and more power, hence the large area coverage, within which cell phone can find anywhere. Draw a circle with a diameter of 3,000 meters and the mobile phone can be anywhere within that circle.
GSM operator is able to perform the operation triangulation, establishing more accurately the position of the mobile phone.
The operator sets the distance between relay and GSM phone by calculating response times to phone communications relay during the millisecond level. In this way it can establish a relatively precise route of the phone.
Positions are available in America (latitude and longitude) of the more than 10,000 GSM relays from all local GSM operators. Thus, their applications fail to establish the position of the mobile phone even if the phone does not have GPS.
2. Track Phone Number
For this type of location, the phone must be equipped with GPS necessarily. Basically, the phone needs a GPS receiver that can decode and display GPS positioning data.
Locating a mobile phone with a GSM interceptor is only accessible to specialized structures (SRI STS).
Locating mobile phone is performed somewhat the same location that can perform gsm GSM operator. They are possible because virtually wing replace real relay GSM operator by providing a GSM signal stronger signal will be chosen automatically by mobile phone.
There is also a different GSM tracking device that can intercept telephone conversations but only serves the exact location of the phone. It is mobile and, depending on the generation, is equipped with a set of special antennas that are mounted in a briefcase (latest) or takes the form of a portable device worn by the operator device in the field.
Famous is the case of Belgian tourists, lost in 2012 in the mountains and accessed via STS attendant. For this Special Telecommunications Service has received an international award.

Information technology development and widespread use of modern means of electronic communication is an unquestionable advance the knowledge society and the emergence of new social relations based on these platforms required, in time, a profound change in the philosophy of law. If in the present communication done by electronic means is an attraction for lawyers, especially for agencies of law enforcement or intelligence services, another product of science, the location, begin to highlight the benefits and challenges of legislation . For starters, we intend to present the location of mobile communication equipment, which must be seen and understood more as service centers for citizens of the information society.

Conversations On SNAPCHAT

Good. But how no one believes in the potential Snapchat if everyone speaks network everywhere? Well … it’s simple.

Let’s define “none” for starters. When we say that nobody believes in the potential of Snapchat, we refer to our knowledge to friends. What they have in common? Age. It is close to 30 years. And people 30 years have a big problem with the unknown.


Younger people do not know them at least 10 years and who do not know or understand, reject. Because they have a good opinion of her fans are not testing new things. They would know them all and they are very good at what they do. They need them most? This situation is very serious, especially if you meet a man of communication, marketing or advertising.

For starters … is repugnant. At Manafu blog you can find a few links that will help you forget to use the app better. http://newsnaphack.com/snapchat-hack-snaphack/

It’s intriguing. Why did you sit on Snapchat when you’re already on Facebook? Anyway here do not have any friends, you do not have someone to chat. And … damn … and that’s a social network to send messages?

Why do I believe this? Because people behind Snapchat and realized that archiving is futile. What uses your timeline? Anyway he looks over a maximum of 0.1% of those who follow you. You do not sit timeline sit newsfeed! In the same vein, what you use instant messaging archive? How many times have you searched for something in it? I scarcely like to be convinced that I required.

My Story, which is a kind of public timeline, archived up to 24 hours a snap. Then disappears. More than enough if you want to see what a person recently published. If you happen to be someone’s Story saw everything, whether published a new play when you give, you will receive the latest snap added. Everything is very well built and very carefully studied the behavior of users. If you want to do video conferencing, Skype alike, doing a gesture that can be executed in a second!

Not to mention that Snapchat reinvented distribution of news. Did you hear that Snapchat audience is made up of teenagers, right? They Snapchat team, with partners such as CNN, MTV, National Geographic Daily Mail or Discover founded module. And made news for children. They are wrapped very … eye candy, and so each has a cover story with sound, graphics, videos and animations! Including those disasters, terrorism or politics.

It has buttons like, share or comment, but nobody misses them. And I think this is important, I’ll explain below why.

We invite you to use Snap hack that will help you do all things forbidden on Snapchat.

How are planted fruit trees?

For those who failed to planting fruit trees in autumn, early spring is a good season to implement rejuvenation of orchards or, why not, establishment of new orchards. Agrointeligenţa chatted with two known nursery owners to present you how to properly planted fruit trees so that they bear fruit and give you a rich harvest of beautiful and tasty fruit.


Planting fruit trees can be done manually if it is only a few seedlings, or using mechanized tools for larger areas. In both cases, the principles are identical and are following four phases of work: plan planting, digging holes, planting and seedling preparation itself.

Planting Plan

Suppose you have already purchased seedlings from a nursery certified, ensuring their quality, so go to plan envisages the planting surface, especially to carry on the work. In this regard, the plot is cleaned of garbage, remove trees and other debris draws broadly possibly using strings of string fastened by pegs in the ground, the lines will make plantings. It is important that when you put the trees have in mind from the beginning “architecture” end of the orchard, especially as regards the space between the trees, which should be about 4 meters all around to make room for the crown to develop family orchards.

digging pits

The minimum size of the pit must be 50x50x50 cm. When digging, you always care that the earth resulting from pit to be seated on both sides of the pit – surface layer on one side, and the lower layer on the other side. To cover the pit, layers of earth will reverse.

Forming roots

How are planted fruit trees?

Before planting, each fry is ready, this process is known as trimming. It consists of root tips shortening or shortening a third of the roots that are very vigorous, very long. Use a scissors, the whole process is done manually. “If we root injured or torn roots, they are totally eliminated,” explains Marius Roman engineer and owner of a nursery horticulturist in Afumaţi. The next step after trimming is an intermediate, which is mocirlirea roots. “It must preferably made of fresh cow dung manure, mixed with water, which is a mixture will have the consistency of cream – thick. Is then shaped roots passing through this morass, “says the specialist who is also a doctor of horticulture.

Planting itself

The final step – and most importantly, we might say, is planting a tree fruit itself. “Start by tightening the pit of fertile land resulting from the first layer to the pit was dug – land that will put a nest dug at the base recess. Place the tree in thick roots above the anthill, trying to keep the depth of planting at which tree it was in the nursery, which is visible at the base of juveniles, “said Octavian Bâgu, horticulturist and owner of the nursery in Botosani.

“The trees grafted on seedlings from seeds, the general rule is that after placing the earth into the pit parcel to be located at ground level. Trees grafted on rootstock vegetative can be planted slightly deeper than they were in the nursery, to achieve a larger area rooting rootstock, but the grafting point remains however a few inches (2-3 cm) above the ground to avoid any graft crossing on their own roots, “the young man explained.

Once fixed to the pit, I will disperse juveniles roots by hand in all directions, so you handle all the space in the pit and do not overlap each other. “Cover the roots with a layer of well-cut and ironing easier, foot heel hope oriented outside the pit, the pit periphery to the center. After coating roots, fill the hole with soil mixed with 10-15 kg of well fermented manure, garbage, but should not come into contact with the roots, then walks back as evenly and hold, “said Roman engineer.

After planting fruit tree, experts recommend to make a hole around it, in which to pour buckets of water 1-2. “After water infiltration into the soil when planting Autumn is a hill that complement earth around the tree, maintain moisture and protect roots from frost” it is another tip of the owners of nurseries.

Immediately after planting shortens rod for designing crown at a height that differs depending on the type of crown all, between 60 cm and 1 m. The cutter also acts to restore the balance between the airline and the root system, which had suffered when removed from the nursery, when much of the roots break.


Staple potato: Baked calories

Staple potato: Baked calories

I do not know why nature has set it up so that our bodies can absorb much more energy than it consumes. This dish – called tartiflette – is some calories suitable if you were driving all day skiing or working on construction. But I’ve found: It tastes very good, if you have been sitting around all day and has only if it did not work otherwise applicable.

A loyal reader sent me the recipe – thank you! I have several times tried the tartiflette and tested on different people, and I can say I’ve seen people lose all sense of proportion. It could well be that in paradise is waiting an angel, the one at any time prepared a dish of melted cheese, bacon, onions and potatoes.

Some time in the search for the potato variety Linda investing is worthwhile, because the tastes best, strong and even a little sweet. Also, the cheese should be good, a mature, strong soft cheese from cow’s milk, the best a Reblochon. But even if you have never heard of it, that there is absolutely different potato and soft cheeses, you will be happy with this dish. Staple potato: Baked calories

The unpeeled potatoes in salted water boil. let Drain, cool and peel. Onions cut into strips. In a pan, melt some butter, onions sauté it. Deglaze with white wine and salt. Pan cover, fry the onions about 25 minutes. Sauté in another pan bacon, mix with the onions, a generous pinch of pepper stir. Staple potato: Baked calories62264663_1457780397-1024x576

Spread half of this mixture into a baking dish. Cut the potatoes into 1 cm thick slices and place in the mold, followed by the remaining onions. divide cheese in pie-quarters (or just in large pie pieces) and then cut in half lengthwise. With the shell (which should be edible) put up on the potato-onion mixture. At 180 degrees bake for half an hour.

Baked cheese with potatoes and bacon ( “tartiflette”)
(For 6 to 8 servings)
Ingredients – 1 kg potatoes, 3 onions, butter, salt, 150 ml white wine, 150 g bacon, black pepper, 300g Reblochon (or other soft ripened cow’s milk cheese) For decades, the international community is trying to eradicate hunger in the world. Still have 795 million people do not have enough to eat. To tackle the problem finally under control. they remembered the role of the potato in Europe. Your area-wide cultivation has saved the population of the old continent more than once about major crises. The potato plant can be recycled to 85 percent of the diet, while cereals are usually only 50 percent. The cultivation of potatoes is not only more effective, the tubers of the plant make sick, are rich in nutrients and very healthy.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and minerals, the man for the structure of the bones and teeth needed for stable blood vessels, for the metabolism and as an energy source. In addition, potatoes contain important fiber that influence the intestinal activity and thus digestion positive. It has a fresh, unpeeled potato with one hundred grams just an energy content of 70 kcal. About 60 kilograms of potatoes eats every German annually. The offer commercially constantly changing. New varieties are added, old disappear from the market.

Tuber is anyway not the same tuber. One big difference here is in the starch content. It determines whether a potato is floury, Predominantly waxy or floury. The more starch containing a potato, the faster the cells dissolve during cooking. Waxy varieties have a starch content of 10 to 12 percent. In predominantly waxy end it is between 12 and 14 percent. Floury potatoes have the highest starch content: 15 to 16.5 percent. In Germany, there are regional differences in the potato varieties. While in the south, especially the mealy cooking varieties for the dumplings are in demand, the North Germans prefer the fixed cooking varieties.

how to track a phone

How to Track a Phone

Transport firms are more efficient because they use a system that intercepts their drivers about traffic and can confirm that way during transport. The system is called GPS phone tracker that allows devices to track other GPS devices or the Internet.

Shortly after this system when there is no transport firms do not last long on the market for every time it happens that the vehicles or drivers remain up not doing his job and tangled trail. Phone gps tracker with these companies, uses an employee who knows how to use this program to create itineraries through which the vehicles. how to track a phone

Phone tracker

The driver need only observe the route having also a device in the vehicle that must comply. The satellites are part of the GPS tracking so the closest satellite is used to detect the device. Forming paper is secured with a program to not be detected by other GPS network. Phone gps tracker has several options that can be used in different actions. Phone tracker is used to detect whether mobile phones or normal smartphone.


Best free cell phone locator applications pale in comparison to a paid solution, which is actually the developers behind it working full-time to develop the software behind it. Free software is often full of bugs and if very inappropriate to be used in any important task seriously. For something as specific – and potentially critical – as cell phone location, you’ll want an application that was developed properly, with a real budget to pay for the efforts of skilled programmers and designers. how to track a phone

GPS Phone Tracker is a paid solution that offers a wide range of mobile phone monitoring features including GPS location. In addition to allowing you to view the exact location of the cell phone target on a map, it can also do a lot of other things like track the calls, messages, and other activities on your device, which can be useful detecting a stolen device or keeping tabs on the user of a device (like maybe your child or employee). how to track a phone

The phone tracker application that uses the smartphone should use. This can be very useful in case of car accidents when the system is broken and does not emit any signal. In these cases, location detection is done by the driver’s mobile device. Cell phone tracker is the last subcategory part of phone gps tracker. He uses the mobile network signal to detect location. Cell phone tracker working longer uses the relative signal devices, if the signal is low it is not working. Transport companies have talked about this system that has eliminated many minuses and now I get to develop, which could not stand. These systems listed above are only possible using radio wave transmission. This technology greatly AVAS lately even using solar rays emitted by lightning or to convey information. Earth’s natural satellite emits signal that you use when you put your phone gps tracker vehicle to detect people, devices, such as finding which allow you to call someone and they will respond. Waves it uses gps phone tracker works as sun or moon that is reflected in a mirror and I mean that not because the GPS Phone Tracker uses radiant natural signal. Natural signal has some pleasant and unpleasant one. The like is that they do not pollute and do not affect humanity even if there is interference low and unlimited capacity.

Phone tracker

The bad is that states benefit from the 4 or 2 seasons for example winter will be no problems in using this program. On sunny days of winter gps tracker phone will work without problems and when there is sunlight or do not penetrate through clouds it will work harder and will double the waiting time. Using GPS phone tracker application became popular and very useful.

Unhealthy food risks

Unhealthy food risks

Eating healthy has serious consequences on the quality and duration of life. According to the latest data issued by the World Health Organization, the main causes of mortality in the world are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle in terms of diet and nutrients: 14 million deaths are caused annually, globally, a diet incorrect or unbalanced.
We are aware that health is a capital that should be kept, as the current lifestyle is responsible for the physical suffering, the soul and the body are not entities to be taken separately, the link between man and the universe is important for finding balance mentally, physically and spiritual.
Pathways getting rich classical medicine, illness and sick vision of change and information is an important aspect of medical prophylaxis.Being healthy Collection opens new avenues for the public to understand where it comes from disease, how it can heal and especially what can be done to maintain health and to fully enjoy life.
Diet and nutrition is a very complex book, which includes a holistic (both in terms of oriental and occidental) on one of the most important aspects of ecological environment: food. Movement of certain minerals and compounds of plant or animal within the human body is known generally as the nutrition. MCDONALD
Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, a known specialist in the field of complementary and alternative medicine treats the subject with great rigor, but also with a rare wealth of shades, combining current scientific knowledge with a millennial tradition, extremely valuable.
The sections of this volume provides the reader accurate and meaningful information about the history of the types of diet western detailed description of the essential elements of food (vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates), advice on the composition of a balanced diet stages (transformation) by passing food inside the human body, an Ayurvedic approach to food, and a presentation of the effects that nutrition and eating habits have on the mind, emotions and consciousness.
Clear and concise style of the book completes this comprehensive perspective on the various facets of nutrition and the relationship between diet and physical wellbeing and psycho-emotional. Foods that affect the liver: Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is often used in various dishes, such as fast food or eggs, creamy dressings or sauces. Unfortunately mayonnaise can be harmful to a valuable if not virgin and oils made from healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, commercial mayonnaise contains many additives and processed fats, so should be avoided if we are to have a healthy liver.
Foods that affect the liver: Alcohol
Alcohol is good if consumed occasionally, in any case daily. About 70% of cases of fatty liver or hepatic steatosis develop because of illness alcohol. While consumption misuse may lead to alcoholic hepatitis or pancreatic function disorders.
You should know that alcohol is metabolized in the liver by an enzyme – alcohol dehydrogenase. Unfortunately not everybody shows this enzyme, so not all bear the same alcohol. This explains why some people are fatty liver at the age of 30 years from alcohol and others grab 100 years with small glass before meals.
Foods that affect the liver: Fried foods
Fried oils can be, without exaggeration term, poison the body and especially the liver. Even onion that housewives prepare to flavor food is toxic. It is best to cook in water and avoid fat oils, lard, butter.
Foods that affect the liver: Sweets processed
It is advisable to homemade cake when you have a sweet tooth. Sweets are often commercially processed. You can choose when you’re craving fruit and something sweet or vegan products.
Foods that affect the liver: Spices
Spicy food affects the liver. Spices – this is why they call it such – should be eaten in small quantities. For example Muslim people who have a diet rich in spices, shows an incredibly high rate in population enlarged liver. There are cases when their livers looks hepatitis.
Foods that affect the liver: excess meat
Opinion those who keep a diet or a diet based on meat at every meal – should you change your diet if you want to have a healthy liver. It is recommended that 70% of the food consumed daily by the plant are represented.

Discover Brazil

Discover Brazil!

Rightly it is said that what is most beautiful in Sao Paulo is behind closed doors. Through this blog I will invite you into opening the doors of museums, galleries, restaurants, shops and concert halls. Hence we find Amazon Pantanalul, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees and coconut trees on the east coast, Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu Falls and other places since 1500, when the first Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral, entered the territory of Brazil, fascinated travelers and attracted a huge number of immigrants.

Knowing the history, economy and culture of this country will understand why Brazil is today among so-called emerging economies – BRIC (Brazil, Russia, China and India) and why, right now, the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the first head of state addressing 64 of the UN General Assembly. Brazil

Last but not least, we know the people living on these lands, be they African, Lebanese, Syrians, Japanese, European, Native Americans or half-breeds. Carnival has its origins in the ancient Greek spring festival celebrating the Dionysus, god of wine. Romans adopted this habit by bacchanalia in honor of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and Saturnalia, when slaves and masters to exchange their clothes and going out together. The Roman Catholic Church has modified later Saturnalia into a festival that led to the Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the beginning of Lent Catholics and Protestants. It quickly evolved into a massive celebration of indulgences – music, meat, alcohol and physical pleasures – the last before the 40 days of fasting and abstinence. The word carnival comes from the Latin expression, meat Levar, which means farewell to meat. Brazil

The origin of the festival is marked by Brazilian carnival that take place in the Portuguese colonial period before Lent called entrudo. It was an event caotic. Participants throwing mud at each other food and water which often leads to riots. Only games with confetti and flags were kept in the habit. The first masquerade, polka and waltz in rhythm, held in Rio in 1840, under the influence of Paris and Venice masked balls. Street parades featuring floats and military bands and have appeared a decade later. Sound closely associated with Carnival in Brazil, samba, was introduced only in 1917. Samba is a mixture of Angolan Semba, European polka, Batuque African accents Cuban Habanera and other styles. What we know as Brazilian samba is the result of the arrival of color (mainly Bahia) poor slums or favelas in Rio as a result of the abolition of slavery in 1888.

Today the carnival is organized by samba schools who first appeared in 1928. More than musical groups, they are actually neighborhood associations that provide educational resources and medical community in a country where social differences are huge and the poor are less protected.

In the following days Brazil will be comprised of spirit of celebration. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo parades will take place in the two samba schools sambodromuri designed by Oscar Niemeyer. A jury will review each one and will choose the winning school. In Salvador and Recife main action takes place on city streets where processions are organized afoxe quiet and maracatu.  blog mãe

Hundreds of thousands of tourists will admire the Columbine Harlequin, Pierrot, King Mono and Queen of Carnival costumes extravagant, beautiful Brazilian dancing to the rhythm of samba scantily dressed men imbracti in women’s clothes, floats, wearers flag rhythms percussionist, giant figurines, Indians, medieval troubadours, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, soldiers etc .. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Madonna are among the personalities who are in these days in Rio. Dance, music, caipirinhas and madness begins.

Although Carnival in Brazil Carnival in Venice has no age, attested since 1268, he is today a manifestation unique symbiosis between African and European culture and a faithful expression of the spirit of the Brazilian people, Espírito do povo.

landscapes nature trees autumn leaves fall 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_11

50 tips from a tree

50 tips from a tree

  1. don’t rely on you as you are born. we tend to Trees square measure many ways in which. Willows appear unhappy, strong oak, maple proud, however every has constant potential and is exclusive in his own means. Use your own skills and learn new ones
  2. notice your energy and inner strength. we tend to use since last winter once it’s cold and snow we tend to click branches.
  3. Be versatile. If a tree would stay rigid, the branches would break, that is why we’re moving together with the wind, then come to begin position and stronger.
  4. fancy the rainy days. Not solely can you appreciate the sun a lot of, however you may grow nice.
  5. There are not any ugly tree, solely eyes that look while not seeing.
  6. evolve your own pace and luxuriate in your growth path. Gregorian calendar month jealous trees don’t scrutinize others WHO square measure larger or stronger. simply fancy day by day, every leaf inexperienced
  7. Take some considerations and pessimism of others and rework it into positive energy, then offers it as a decent mouth gas.
  8. Nothing lasts. And continually new they grow alternative branches and leaves, however we’re not crying over each leaf yellowing, however we tend to fancy what we’ve.
  9. robust roots helps when. don’t forget wherever you come back from and what lessons have you ever learned throughout your growth.
  10. generally life will appear significant or your unhappy. don’t hand over then! despite however massive your storm would appear out roots stay robust, and shortly you’ll see however the sun rises.
  11. Be grateful each day! A tree doesn’t forget that. once the sun comes once kids play next to him, the birds notice refuge and sing on branches up new trees as a proof of feeling, bloom.
  12. hand over concern! If they fear the trees would stay with the recent leaves and decayed, however they need the bravery to forgoing and settle for new ones.
  13. when a tough winter and oppressive time of year. Always. thus don’t worry the maximum amount any longer.
  14. Love! For America there’s no tree deserve love or not. no matter has one thing special that produces it distinctive and not let ourselves be cornered by selection, color or roots, thus we tend to love every and along kind stunning forests, parks and plenty of alternative areas that haven’t been seen flowering of your worries glasses.
  15. Your not the sole existing reality, thus listen and truth of others. A tree says “All leaves ought to be inexperienced.” If they are doing that, they ignore all the opposite fantastic varieties with red leaves, orange and plenty of alternative vital variations and beautiful.
  16. Universe suggests that abundance. A tree ne’er asks if the warmth can come back, if he will survive such cold and also the leaves can grow back. He is aware of that these items can come back naturally.
  17. All you have got is that the moment. despite however stunning or painful it’s. like better to savor, for it’ll not return.
  18. stop to assume that things square measure troublesome. A tree doesn’t say “I cannot flourish. This year not wish to be rich! It’s too onerous, painful and uncomfortable! “Simply do confidently and ease.
  19. don’t anticipate happiness, select it! have you ever detected any tree say, “If I we tend tore five meters to the correct and twenty cm taller i’d be happier? “We don’t say this as a result of we perceive that we will select happiness within the moment, the place wherever we tend to, with the resources we’ve.
  20. strives upwards, enjoying what you are doing currently. All the time you’ll have what to find out and what to accomplish to urge larger, stronger, a lot of stunning.
  21. Compare yourself with yourself. ne’er mind that some trees have red leaves, and a few individuals like them. i’m a special kind, however this year we’ve the foremost stunning leaves up currently living inexperienced.
  22. Let yourself be embraced. thus you get slightly of energy and love, instead giving constant or something you wish.
  23. the facility of true suggests that vulnerability. though not continually seen, each tree is ideal. generally individuals hurt America, and other times we tend to feel tired in any case our fallen snow on branches or just square measure slightly bent now and then, however not hide it. we will afford to point out our naked and vulnerable. tree

  1. Bring worth to people’s lives through what you’re. i favor the tree, i am glad once individuals take shelter in my shade and willow have a girlfriend WHO admires melancholy lovers about its branches.
  2. Notice however every leaf incorporates a completely different shade of inexperienced. Apply this to your life and can amendment radically.
  3. Admire what’s around you. till we tend to trees, mend leaves America with admiration after we see stunning individuals, happy and daring. tree
  4. Have faith! If nature will be thus good and lush, and as you undergo your head that you just can be otherwise? tree
  5. Forgive. though generally i buy upset after I see people that destroy nature or throw garbage away, recognize|i do know} it’s in my power to urge stronger and that they don’t know quite that. Yet thou, being a person, you’ll build a amendment during this side. Forgive, then decide however you wish to act tu.În all aspects of your life.
  6. Be responsible! If I blame the recent summers and cold winter we tend to solve? we tend to focus solely on what we will do. tree
  7. the simplest time is now! we tend to don’t expect correct season, however in Gregorian calendar month we tend to produce the suitable time. to extend. Apply this to your life and provides up procrastination. You the person, you have got a lot of potentialities.
  8. hand over the past. It looks absurd that a tree to accept the cold winter of 2008, rather than enjoying the pleasant spring of 2013. it is the same in humans.
  9. Be yourself continually. Discard masks. Did you see any tree that is another selection song simply to be nice? It doesn’t even would like that. we tend to draw individuals close to America that resonate with what we tend to square measure.
  10. Be alittle egotistic, till you discover the strength to administer. Autumn, as a result of our dance, the wind looks stronger and other people avoid sitting next to America. If storm, concern to not fall on them. however if we tend to keep only for its own sake, we break. thus we tend to perceive that generally you wish to drive out less, thus you’ll offer a lot of later
  11. don’t mind the defects ascertained in others, for they’re your mirror. I actually have a fan tree that stands close to a lake. it’s several imperfections. It’s crooked, fewer leaves and little branches and irregular. All this can be mirrored within the lake before of him, however I ne’er detected him by irritating the water that he shows his qualities and defects.
  12. Look within. I amuse Pine Tree State however you individuals wish to open the gates opened solely from the within. If your life doesn’t seem like you wish, scrutinize the roots, within and your beliefs. I saw a lady upset apples from the tree weren’t sensible and wished to vary the apples, no tree roots to raised care.
  13. I don’t apprehend if you aforementioned somebody, however we tend to trees in sunny periods, we tend to keep a reserve of energy among America, that we tend to use in winter. it’d be a concept to accept and you’re taking long selections.
  14. Dare to surpass your worth. By the time we tend to grow leaves, not hurt, however it’s feast
  15. despite however dark it’s going to appear that you just, look up. there’ll continually be stars to illuminate your path. And no, you are not alone.
  16. Beautify the lives of others while not expecting something reciprocally. have you ever detected any tree that says “You owe me”?
  17. fancy the sun, however don’t keep in your temperature in heat periods. don’t anticipate the wind to place you in motion. You alone continues to grow anyway.
  18. Dare to aim up. typically after we see the moon within the sky, we tend to hoodwink her. we tend to might not ever get there, or even affirmative. no matter it’s, one thing stunning waiting. it is the same for you. Life rewards the brave individuals.
  19. despite however recent you’re, however life in your years. Also, expertise isn’t the age, however the teachings learned. you’ll flourish no matter figure they celebrate once a year.
  20. stop to surprise if there’s life on the far side death. It’s a lot of vital what proportion life there before death. Gregorian calendar month trees do everything we will to measure and supply worth whereas we’re here.
  21. The trees don’t would like acknowledgments and appreciations. it might be the peak to quarrel among ourselves and raise others to inform America that trees square measure stunning and also the leaves and stem square measure good. scrutinize yourself within the mirror (or lake if you prefer) and finds solely those components that we tend to love you. Stop decision making yourself. you’re awesome!
  22. hear music. and also the trees love music. And once it looks too quiet, stroke leaves America with the sounds of nature. That brings America joy and peace. Open the window early within the morning and you may perceive what I mean.
  23. ​​Whatever happens, despite what the strike, destroy or foil life, keep in mind that you just have constant worth and is in your power to stay growing. Or what? You mean if the wind last year very very little bent, not good and powerful?
  24. One day, a adult female stopped to lean my strain and reading a book. He John Drew attention to a phrase. “For every leaf of a tree, there’s associate degree angel WHO tells her growing! Grow! “How lucky I am! does one understand what you angels in your life?
  25. Be patient. generally it will take years to succeed in the projected height, however I assure you be.
  26. offer more. No have to be compelled to look chesty, law and unwavering. The oak is thus robust that divides energy. thus assist you folks that seem in your means.
  27. Love life. And life can offer you the foremost stunning gifts. Even amid the storm, there is also a bird, a man or … a visible light.



Fosen Mekanieke Versed

Since 2002, the Cruiser built in Kiel by the exclusive Norwegian shipyard Fosen Mekanieke Versed, take to the seas and oceans of the entire planet, full of all that billionaire who wants to live plying the seas. Known as the cruise of millionaires, almost 200 metres in length and over 12 decks, does not stop and browse endlessly.


Holiday, summer disconnection or words such as high or low season are concepts unknown to aquatic tenants of this cruise. In addition, the worldliness of the boring land do not like those who live in this ‘private yacht’; Therefore, the Leisure and luxury living in the sea becomes reality in ‘The World’. Quiet tax evaders, If the goal of living in the sea passes through wanting to invent a clever trick to escape the tax authorities of countries, from the company’s Cruises ‘The World’, are required to customers own at least one physical residence. Before you begin with the uses and enjoyments that aquatic tenants of this cruise and the fear that the reader ends up here reading, we can say that a budget ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 euros is necessary for a night in ‘The World’. As shown in a button: acquire a luxury apartment on the cruise ship can reach eight million euros; the travel costs and expenses, both in food such as leisure, do not enter within the price of the apartment. Forget the bracelet all inclusive. Relaxation, rest, navigate the sea or close important deals are some of the customers of the millionaires ‘cruiser’ objectives. However, despite the temptation to forget the Earth and feel part of the free ocean, passengers of The World tend to be an average of 4 months of the year. Fortunately, customers can know which will be the route of the Cruiser during the months that they will be, since they are, the inhabitants of The Wolrd, who choose the tour that will follow the cruise by democratic vote. Power of decision, blessed luxury. By luck and decision of this year cruise customers, The World enjoyed the lush lands of Northern Spain. The towns of Gijon and Bilbao were fortunate cities that could see wealthy millionaires among its streets. What enjoy the almost 250 millionaires in The World? Well mainly the excellent work and dedication of the 250 crew members and workers of the cruise. A ratio one by one, which only can be profitable if you pay what you pay to go on board the cruise. On the other hand, those millionaires who are of the




Juan Palomo, I I it stew I I it as ‘ – perhaps have them – will have a large equipped kitchen where Cook the deli and gourmet food that can be purchased at various stores that are distributed by all the cruiser in their cabins. Vintage cognacs and exclusive wines can also be purchased to accompany these more intimate dinners. Obviously, in addition to different swimming pools, both saltwater as sweet, 700 m2 Spa, rooms festivals, malls or restricted smoking club where here the millionaire traveler must be very millionaire to enter; the jewel of the transept is the possibility of playing golf in the middle of cover or a tennis tournament in an official dimensions, the only one of that size tennis court built on the deck of a cruise ship. The icing on the boat? If catches Valentine, the anniversary of a marriage or a birthday during the stay in the cruise; The World has a unique jewelry that Struts of own a permanent stock that is valued at 12 million euros.

Smallest 3D Printer

Smallest 3D Printer
The world’s smallest 3D printer is affordable
After emergence application Trimensional, people can use iPhones as 3D scanners. Not only can capture three-dimensional images of different objects, but can use these images to create physical models of them, as long as they have access to a 3D printer. Currently, these printers are large and expensive, and can be found in universities or industrial design companies.


This might change soon, as researchers at Vienna University of Technology have developed a compact prototype of a 3D printer.
The device was assembled by a team of engineers led by professor Jürgen Stampfl, while synthetic resin, which creates 3D objects is developed by a team of chemists led by Professor Robert Liska.
The printer uses a system called “additive manufacturing technology”, in which the objects are printed layer by layer, each having a thickness of 1/20 of a millimeter. In the case of this device, the synthetic resin which is in a single tube is heated by means of high-intensity light ray originating from a LED to cure after coating.
The objects are formed by the juxtaposition of layers of reinforced synthetic resin. The process leads to the formation of a highly detailed object, which may have a complex inner structure.
The device is about the size of a box of milk and 1.5 kg weight. Also, researchers hope the printer to become increasingly lighter and smaller.
The construction of the device can be achieved with only € 1.200, is 10 times more expensive than a regular 3D printer. “We continue to reduce both the size and price of 3D printer” promise austrieci.Cercetătorii researchers noted that can be used for printing and materials other than artificial resin, and ceramic. They argue that 3D printing can be used even biodegradable substance that does not damage the environment.
High costs do not favor mass production of objects with printers, which is perfect for users who want to create individual parts, but also for physicians who want to build custom medical devices.
Currently, no one knows the date on which this device will be available in the market.
A Brazilian passion for technology and has developed its own 3D printer, will improve and then sell to the general public for a small fee, instructions that everyone can build their own printer.
Junior Veloso has released the first video blog to the printer in action. Thus, one can see how it prints a ball at a resolution of 50 micrometers (0.05 mm). Resolution of 3D printers print indicates a layer thickness. Printer invented by the young Brazilian has a speed of 3.5 cm per hour.

Artega SE

Artega SE
Artega SE electric car that can reach 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds!
A new electric sports car launched by a German company is able to go from 0-100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed that can be achieved with this fireball is 250 km / h.
The SE (Sports Electric) of the German car manufacturer Artega has a 375 horsepower engine and can travel 300 km on a single charge of the batteries. Charging time is 90 minutes.
This machine is a challenge for Tesla Roadster, which was until now the only high power electric car. Between the two cars there is a big difference in price. If for a Tesla must fork out £ 67,000 for a car produced by Artega will be paying no less than 131,000 pounds.

Artega SE uses 16 Li-Ion batteries, turn each containing 12 cells, which can be loaded either at special stations or using a conventional outlet. There are two electric motors on the rear axle, which works independently to drive each car’s wheels.
According Artega, the model was designed by the same man who designed and Aston Martin DB9. The car was presented at the fair in Geneva and will be offered for sale in the coming months. It is estimated that only 500 copies will be produced.
Car-leaf: it absorbs carbon dioxide, oxygen issue
In China has developed the concept of greener cars in the world, capable of a plant-world performance: take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release in exchange oxygen.
The company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, together with its subsidiary General Motors in China, presented at the recent International Exhibition in Shanghai, a concept car called YeZ (pronounced “yea-zi” – “leaf” in Mandarin) to whose functioning is inspired by photosynthesis, the process in which, in the presence of light, plants absorb atmospheric CO2 and produce oxygen.
The manufacturer has offered few details on the operation; it looks like a concept piece de resistance is the metallo-organic, which absorbs carbon dioxide and water, producing electricity which is stored in a lithium-ion battery.
The roof incorporates solar panels, and small wind turbines are mounted wheel; They are using energy captured from the environment, to be transformed into electricity.
EcoF3 car plant that uses chocolate instead of fuel
A team of British researchers will launch next month, a complete vehicle environmentally friendly, which will run on chocolate.

The WorldFirst Team, a team of engineers and researchers from the University Wrawick in Coventry, UK, has developed prototype ecoF3 an environmentally friendly vehicle able to achieve no less than 233 km / h. Built entirely of vegetables and natural resins, the vehicle is intended to be an alternative to supercars racing in Formula 1. In fact, the researchers hope the machine to be used even by one of the big teams such as McLaren and Ferrari. Wheel prototype that will hit the market in a few weeks, in early May, is made of carrot, potato car body and the driver’s seat of soybeans. Instead of fuel, ecoF3 uses chocolate or vegetable oil.
“We hope that through this prototype Formula 1 team to achieve a 100% environmentally friendly car is not necessarily a slow car. Although not cadreaza prototype engine with F1 rules this time due to unusual fuel that it uses, we hope that future materials like those used by ecoF3 or similar technologies to be incorporated into Formula 1 car, “said spokesman University.

Robotic suits

Robotic suits

Costume future robotic soldierstimthumb

Robotic suits.Next year will test the first American soldiers costumes aluminum exoskeleton genuine, able to increase strength and movements of the wearer, up to 20 times, Rex Jameson announces the company’s employee SARC Inc. in Salt Lake City.

SARC Company Inc. has a contract with the US Army, valid for two years, worth $ 10 million. The contract requires the company to optimize and provide viable military costume that can be used by soldiers. Currently, metal exoskeleton weighs 70 pounds and is able to feel any movement of the human body that amplify almost instantly.

“Although every part to go OK, one of the problems is that manufacturers develop the life of the battery that powers the suit, during which currently does not exceed 30 minutes”, but Jameson announced.

“Any soldier can lift weights much higher than can do now. One man could lift loads of hundred pounds or could move a tank located on a terrain “, says Jack Obusek, a retired colonel of the US Army, currently employed the Army’s Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center Boston.

He appeared first robot rat brain

Gordon is the world’s first robot controlled exclusively by a biological ceier. The authors declare incredible performance cybernetics amazed by the success of their project.

Primitive brain Gordon prototype was made from a culture of rat neurons by specialists at the University of Reading.

Revolutionary experiment has proved a success, and mankind has finally seen placed before the first robot acted on neuronal pathway. Also the scientific world can study how increases memory and learning ability of a robot brain transplant.

“The initial goal of this experiment was to decipher the way in which memory is stored in a biological brain,” says Kevin Warwick, one of the creators of the robot Gordon. By studying how nerve cells take the form of a network when receiving an electrical signal, scientists believe that you can get to combat neurodegenerative maldiilor efficient.

Gordon has a brain composed of 50 000-100 000 active neurons. His brain was made of nerve cells extracted from rat fetuses. Once these cells were removed and immersed in a bath of enzymes, followed then storing them in a nutrient-rich environment where he managed their attachment 60 multielectrozi. This multielectrozi network acts as an interface between living tissue and robot. The brain sends electrical impulses so that the robot limbs and processes impulses received from sensors outside of the robot. In the first 24 hours were active neurons connecting to each other and processing the information received. However, if the brain does not receive stimulation from outside, will die within a few weeks.

Gordon is not controlled by human or computer. Its appearance has already sparked controversy in the world of scandals and scientifically.

Designer for nearly ASIMO

designer for nearly ASIMO


E0, 1986

He manages to walk biped great performance, putting one foot before the other. However, it takes 5 seconds to take a step. In cases happiest …

E1, 1987

Adjusted Prototype of the first experimental model (hence the name E), go with a speed of 0.25 km / h and make some distinction between a leg and the other.

E2, 1988

Dynamic walking robot first in history to bring somewhat with the human. Top speed: 1.25 km / h.

E4, 1991

E4’s knee is at 40 cm from the ground, so that the robot manages to reach normal speed of travel of a man: 4.7 km / h.

E5 1992

It is the first robot in history, thanks to a program autonomously manages to walk like a man without being controlled by an operator (this is the explanation “head” extremely high).

E6 1993

Climb up and down stairs, autoechilibrandu also a human being and avoiding obstacles. It is estimated that faithfully reproduce human walking.

P1, 1993

The first robot Honda which, besides legs and body is 191 cm and 175 kg. Turn off the lights and open doors and carry objects. The name comes from the Prototype series.

P2 1996

The fattest robot series 210 kg to 182 cm. It’s also the first robot built with wireless technology that enhances autonomy.

P3, 1997

The “little father” of ASIMO, is 160 cm and 130 kg, is completely independent and decentralized handles exactly a lot of objects.ASIMO

Asimo is a robot with a soul William De Braekeleer, Corporate PR Manager Honda

Honda has never pursued to make profit from ASIMO. Therefore, the robot is not a business for us – on the contrary, we produce a single unit cost about $ 1 million. But we think the near future, sophisticated technology prototype that incorporates them today ASIMO will be successfully used in other Honda products. The robot is not even for sale now. With ASIMO we took a very long term project – we want to achieve a perfect companion for human beings, a social robot intelligent, and perhaps we accomplish this in the next 10-15 years. The robot then we produce commercial version and we will make it available to the public. So far, we have not neglected intelligent robot, but we focused more on his mobility. Today, this mission is accomplished, and from now on we will investigate priority artificial artificial intelligence and psychological behavior that we want to implement in robots come. Robots that will be completely autonomous and intelligent, able to understand the world in which “live” to make value judgments, to form his own vision of life and learn constantly, like all human beings. This is the dream that we will achieve cyberneticist and, ultimately, with ASIMO. I am convinced that there is a close connection between Japanese culture and that the most spectacular prototype robots were invented in Japan. On the one hand, from the second half of the twentieth century, immediately after the end of the Second World War broke out in Japan manga phenomenon. And the most popular manga character of all time is for the Japanese robot Astro-boy, the novel “graph” of the same name (then transformed and animated television series), a novel whose action takes place in a futuristic society in which people coexist with robots. On the other hand, the Japanese are animists, they sincerely believe that ASIMO has a soul. For these reasons, the robots are very highly regarded in Japan, being used in public institutions, and have become almost commonplace.

History of Technology 1

History of Technology 1

In the history of technology, computing machine development is unique.
No other technical achievement has not moved so fast
after its invention. From John Napier, Blaise Pascal, Gotfried Wilhelm
Leibnitz to Alan Turing and Bill Gates a lot of creative techniques
contributed to the design and development of computing machine, reaching
levels of development today unthinkable only a few years ago.
Computers have infl uenced and infl our everyday uenţează
living in increasingly intense. They now AFL everywhere: at work, at home, train stations, banks, schools, hospitals, amusement parks.


Comparison of the first electronic computer (ENIAC) with the
Modern computers today confi rmed fully the affirmative
made. A generation ago there were no CDs, no cables
TV or automated teller machines or PCs. Computers were,
At best, some the size of refrigerators and cars had
working in the conditioned space.
On the 25th anniversary of the first moon landing human one
documentary television (CNN) said that the lunar module used
the astronauts on Apollo, was carrying a lower computing capacity
than that which was installed in 1994 on board a car with
Electronic control operation.
Ubiquity of computers and the rapid pace of technological change
of them are the most significant aspects of the current revolution
The development of information and communication technology, the
dynamic branch of science and technology revolution today, not
would have been possible without the extraordinary discoveries in fields as saying
semiconductors and microelectronics. In these circumstances, there
Rescate be that those who founded the Romanian school of electronics
engineering and semiconductor devices (teachers Tudor
Tãnãsescu, MC Romanian Academy and academician Mikhail
Drăgănescu) it’s initiators and promoters and the information revolution
our country. Professor Tudor Tanasescu (1901-1959), (m 1952), founder
Romanian school of electronics, alongside the responsibility of the Department
electronic devices and circuits Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest,
assured and management of the Institute of Electronics Department of Physics
Atomic (IFA) in Bucharest, employing some remarkable groups
researchers and engineers, focused on three major areas: electronics
be applied in nuclear say, measurement and control electronics and
computing (hardware and software ware). Tudor Tanasescu published
until 1951, his work on class C amplifi producers for floors
fi nal power of transmitters (Drăgănescu Michael, 2001). The building,, “Romanian school of electronic devices
and contributed microelectronics and publishing books (Circuits
transistor-1961 et al .; Electrons at work, 1961; Processes
electronic semiconductor devices for circuit-1962 Award
State in 1964, being one of the first volume appeared in the field
in the world-1972 Solid State Electronics, etc.) estab reinforced by units
Research (Research Institute for components Electronics-
1969, which he led as the period from 1969 to 1970; Institute
Central Management and Informatics-ICI-1971 – that the
conducted during 1976-1985, effectively contributing to the guidance.
scientific activity which in computing to new directions – intelligence
cial artifice, robotics, industrial computer) and management
actions as: manufacture of integrated circuits and computer country
generation electronic III Romania’s transition from germanium to
silicon phase (Iancu Del., 2002), implementation in our country,
During 1967-1985, the program,, the endowment economy
national modern computing equipment and data processing ”
the first program of computerization of the national economy developed
Michael Drăgănescu initiative, the mathematicians academics
Nicolae Teodorescu, Grigore Moisil, Tiberiu Popoviciu and Manea
Mãnescu and who worked Mihai Drăgănescu, Mircea Petrescu,
Nicholas Costake, V.Iancovici, N. Sucitulescu Stephen Bârlea, Emil
Mitescu, Cornel Mihulecea and others.

Nikola Tesla 1

Nikola Tesla 1

For this purpose, the researchers used magnetic field to focus your energy so you no longer lose nothing. Is also worth mentioning that WiTricity system functioned even when objects were interposed between the source and the bulb without wires. Efficiency researchers reported is 40%. The remaining 60% of energy is lost in radiation be either finite electrical resistance of copper coils.


The magnetic field may damage the human body
Applications of these results are countless. However, it is expected that in the first instance to show “charging stations” WiTricity in every home. Once you come home you just need to sit your mobile phone or laptop close of such stations, and they will automatically load through the air. Of course in this case the size of the magnetic field can be a problem because it can harm human bodies. On the other hand, the use of the magnetic field is a good choice to the electric field, because it is much less harmful to the human body. ”

This is a kind of invention of the Tesla.
Great scientist Nicholas Tesla (Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943), considered by Discovery Channel as one of “the 100 largest American” is the genius behind in the current development of mankind. He was a great visionary, many of his ideas were not understood even today and being a permanent source of dispute between great powers.

Nikola Tesla 1

The bizarre climate changes and earthquakes that were found lately are considered the result of devices that are based on the findings of this great inventor. Tesla found that the time could be controlled by means of electrical energy. In the spring of 1898, Tesla demonstrates directing public radio, long distance, an unmanned vessel.

His name link Philadelphya famous experiment and the first contact with other civilizations, space scientist and had received a radio signal repeatedly. For this discovery was ridiculed by his contemporaries.

All of them owe the first wireless communication system, the first robots, the first transmitter, the idea of vertical takeoff vehicles etc. Tesla proposed a scheme that looked like a science fiction: a global wireless communication system to transmit telephone messages across the ocean; to transmit news, music, stock market reports, private messages, secure military communications, and tranmitere image in any corner of the world.

Prospects for industrial robots

Prospects for industrial robots

On the one hand it is certain that – in terms of restoration,, “markets after the economic crisis – producers will feel increasing pressure of competition between them: that is not sheltered – who wants to (more) activate industrial markets will have drastically implement technical solutions and logistics efficiency. What will cause an increase in the adoption of industrial mechatronics. But perhaps we will see a certain concentration in this – in the sense that firms medium / low will have to give up fighting heavyweights, and to reorient the niches in which high-end robotics not play an essential role. How society / civilization needs further products industries can reduce engine,, “and continuity will require more and more use of robots in manufacturing processes.

By The Way! To feel the living as evolving area, do not miss,, Automatica 2014 ‘, leading trade fair in Munich, from 3 to 6 June (by www.automatica-munich.com details.).
On the other hand, in addition to the bias that I mentioned above, it is possible – especially in certain industries,, heavy “, such as cars, boats, equipment and energy – there are a setback in reducing production number and term even long and we could see a paradigm shift on SFP: industrial robots from the future to pursue other criteria (whether revealed aspects of competition, whether cultural elements), at the expense of execution speed.
While it is fascinating to see them at work, it would be preferable not to make the robots a panacea. Or, rather, even if we appear so (theoretically and are) not to lose sight of the fact that in many situations, the need for such controls is obvious, there are more economical solutions (such simple Cartesian manipulators). The same was mentioned stratification of the market (based on technical and economic) will make smaller producers to use automation,, with lower IQ “, embodied in decentralized applications made with standard PLCs or modular controllers / encapsulated.
The success story continues industrial robots.
In 2012, sales of industrial robots worldwide increased by nine percent
The success story of industrial robots continue in 2012, “says Dr. Shinsuke Sakakibara, President IFR World Robotics occasion of the publication of the study,, 2012 – Industrial Robots” in Taipei. “Despite the worsening global economic situation, it is possible that, in 2012, sales of robots to increase by about nine percent, ie up to 181,000 units. Department of statistics of IFR estimates that between 2013 and 2015, worldwide sales of robots will increase annual average approximately 5%. In 2015, shipments of industrial robots will exceed the figure of 200,000 units.

The continuous growth in many countries
In 2012, sales growth still is due mainly automotive and electronics industry and a number of customers with low volume orders from other industries. The main impulses come from North America, China, Brazil and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in Japan, following the restoration of production capacities destroyed by catastrophic tsunami. The urgent need for automation of production is the main determinant of the pace of industrial robots installations in the US and Canada. Deliveries to the Republic of Korea robots will grow moderately but due to strong investments in recent years. Sales of robots will increase in 2012, and later in Taiwan due to major investments in the electronics industry. In Germany, they will achieve a near maximal in 2011, while in Italy and Spain will likely decrease due to the worsening economic situation.

History of Technology 9

History of Technology 9
automated cell
Were made models containing many automated form of grid cells, each cell having a finite number of states as “on” or “off”. The grid can have a finite number of dimensions. Each cell has other neighboring cells and are defined relative to the specified cell. For example, if in the vicinity of a cell can be defined as a set of cells at a distance of 2 or less of the cell. An initial state (eg time t = 0) is chosen to define a state for each cell. A new generation is created, gathering t + 1, according to fixed rules that determine a new state of neighboring cells.
evolutionary Algorithms

In artificial life, evolutionary algorithms (EA) using a vocabulary borrowed from genetics. Thus, evolution is simulated by a succession of generations of a population of candidate solutions, a solution that is called chromosome and is represented as a string of genes. The gene is atomic information of a chromosome, and the position they occupy is called locus. All possible values of a gene allelic form of the gene set.
The population can evolve by applying genetic operators such as mutation and crossover. Chromosome on which is applied a genetic operator is called the parent, and the resulting chromosome is called downward.
You will spend and selection procedure by which chromosomes are selected that will survive in the next generation, and better adapted individuals will be given a greater chance of survival. The degree of adaptation to the environment is measured by fitness function. Finally the solution returned by such a genetic algorithm is the best individual in the last generation.
Evolutionary algorithms are used in various fields such as art, biology, economics, marketing, genetics, robotics, social sciences, physics, chemistry or even politics.
Moreover, these algorithms were used to validate theories of biological evolution and natural selection. The techniques of evolutionary algorithms have been applied to modeling biological evolution, but generally limited to micro-evolutionary processes.
An initial population is randomly generated in the first generation. Function “fitness” is applied to make the selection. Selected, the next generation parents are elected by this function. They copy their genes, with one or two possible changes: crossover and mutation of genes from parents change in an individual’s genotype at random. These new “individuals” results will be competing with their parents for a place in next generation that will follow, surviving the “right”.

The Cross Platform Appeal Of The PlayStation Network

The Cross Platform Appeal Of The PlayStation Network

With the PlayStation Network, you’re looking at one of the most formidable online gaming networks created thus far. Nintendo and Microsoft have their own networks, and those networks certainly have their own benefits, but in the end, the PlayStation Network is seen by many as the best of the bunch.

Ps4 games

One of the reasons why people love the PSN so much is the cross-platform potential. When you consider the value of having PlayStation Plus for your Sony systems, you’re looking at an opportunity to link together several different gaming devices. Simply put, you’re looking at a way to enjoy games as never before.


Sony competitors are doing similar things with their products. Even so, a lot of diehard PlayStation fans will tell you that no one is exploring the potential of cross-platform execution on an online gaming network better than Sony is.

A Look At The PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network has gained a great deal of momentum, ever since Sony finally rolled it out in late 2006. Originally offered with the PlayStation 3, the PSN has since extended to include the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Mobile, and most certainly the PlayStation 4. The network now offers a plethora of content, apps, and other elements designed to create a truly immersive gaming experience. Video games are no longer simply a matter of playing the title you bought at a store like GameStop. It is now an extremely complex concept, with a variety of ways in which you can enjoy yourself.


One of the most significant components to the PlayStation Network is the PlayStation Plus subscription service. This service offers an extraordinary range of downloadable materials, free games, the ability to try titles out, and so much more. It currently boasts a membership of nearly eight million members.


In addition to the various features that define PlayStation Plus and enhance the PlayStation Network, there is the cross-platform potential of the network. This in terms of the various systems that Sony has come to associate with it.


Cross Platform Appeal With The PSN

The cross platform appeal with the PSN is perhaps one of the most intriguing elements about the network.


When you get a PlayStation Plus subscription, your subscription doesn’t just apply to the one system. If you have a PlayStation 3, your subscription will naturally entitle you to all of the features associated with a PlayStation Plus membership. However, if you eventually get a PlayStation 4, you don’t have to drop money on an additional subscription. Your PlayStation Plus subscription will allow you use PlayStation Plus on both systems.


It gets better. If you own a PlayStation Vita, you can use your subscription to access the special features of the PlayStation Network. Naturally, each system has exclusives and features that are only associated with that specific system. When you own all three of these systems, you are able to combine these exclusives and features. For example, you’ll have access to more than twenty games a month.

This is what it means to truly enjoy everything your PlayStation Plus membership can offer.

We all know that all PSN consoles can be ModaTim but in different ways. First we present the program PSN code generator. It can create or generate codes to purchase different codes. PSN code generator can interact with your console so it can improve running speed graphics and games. This program does not contain viruses or other software that can damage your device.

Android L – The new google os!

Android L – The new google os!

Android is an operating system originally designed for mobile phones, like iOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS. What makes it different is that it is based on Linux, a core of an open, free, cross-platform operating system.

Android L

Both the Android name (androide in Spanish) as Nexus One allude to the novel by Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, which was later adapted for film as Blade Runner. Both the book and the film focuses on a group of androids called Nexus-6.27 model replicants.

The logo is the “Andy” robot.

Android is an operating system for mobiles which has become known since 2006 when was bought by Google. Until November 2007 were just rumors, but at that time it launched on Open Handset Alliance, a company which brought together many mobile phone manufacturers, chipsets and Google and the first version of Android was provided with the SDK for developers to begin creating applications for this system. Although the beginning was a little slowly, because the mobile was released after the operating system, in the last part of 2010 has positioned itself as the operating system for mobile bestselling of the world. In February 2011 it was announced the 3.0 version of Android, called codenamed Honeycomb, which is optimized for tablets rather than mobile phones. Now we can think that Android is the way to tackle the mobile phone by Google, who understands these devices as ways to be constantly connected to the internet. Google applications that come already installed in your mobile phone allow access to Google services highly integrated, apart from the Market application that lets you install third-party applications in a very simple way.

It has a large community of developers writing applications to extend the functionality of the devices, has already reached 1,000,000 applications, of which two thirds are free and cheapest compared to App Store, available for official application store Android: Google Play, disregarding other unofficial application stores such as the Android application store Samsung Apps and amazon appstore. Google Play is the online app store run by Google, though it is possible to get software externally. The structure of the Android operating system consists of applications running on a Java framework for object-oriented applications on the core Java libraries on a Dalvik virtual machine run-time compilation.

The major components of the operating system Android: applications, application framework, libraries, android runtime, Linux kernel..

A study by Symantec 2013 shows that compared to iOS, Android is a less vulnerable system. The study in question speaks about 13 serious vulnerabilities for Android and 387 for iOS. The study also discusses the attacks on both platforms, Android in this case is left with 113 new attacks in 2012 unlike iOS which runs in only 1 attack. Yet Google and Apple increasingly insist on making their most secure operating systems by incorporating more security at their operating systems and official markets.



Flawless Methods in Getting a Hack for Clash of clans Gems

Clash of clans gems

Flawless Methods in Getting a Hack for Clash of clans Gems


Another app that is available for download for mobile devices such as ipods, ipads, iphones, as well as other devices is a cheat for clash of Clans gems. It has also created a specific for the app to work on all types of gadgets.

Clash of clans hack



At one time, obtaining a lot of gems needs playing the entire game and waiting for the time when you are able to purchase gems and move up to the next level. This involves having the need to construct a solid army that will work in squashing any player or perhaps a Goblin mob just to move up levels.


It is as equally essential to have a sufficient number of cash of clans gems in order to be able to move up levels and play like a pro. However, the problem is that, these gems may be pricey. However, the good news is that, players can now have any number of gems without the need to pay anything. This can be done by downloading the hack tool.


Using the Tool to Get Clash of clans Gems


Downloading the clash of clans hack tool is vital in order to instantly cast spells and get unlimited gems hacks, elixir hack, gold hack, as well as clash of Clans ifile and a whole lot more. The hack is quite easy to use. The player only needs to enter his username and then decide on the number of free games that they want to have. The first thing that needs to be done here is to download the hack tool, click the tab showing the gems hack, and select the number of gems that you want to have.

There are several number of gems that you can choose from, and at the same time a lot of coins that are offered with a guarantee for a more enjoyable and exciting experience. You will also find that the updates available on directions, ideas, and techniques as well as cheaters are very useful in order to keep you aligned with the growing interest in the clash of Clans game.

Clash of clans gems

Downloading the tool will stop you from worrying about having to spend a lot of money in order to get the maximum enjoyment of the game. This every effective cheat tool provides you to produce an indefinite number of gems. Of course, you may still have to wait for more time because of the fact that playing on the safe mode is relatively slower compared to the fast mode of the game. The need to follow this safety procedure, however, will make sure that you can enjoy the benefits of the hack for clash of clans gem, and you remain completely unnoticed.

Hay day – New success for Supercell

Hay day – New success for Supercell

Hay day means a new success for Supercell after Clash of clans. We can consider this game as a second Clash of Clans where the villages were replaced by the farms and the fighters with farmers. Through this game you can turn into a virtual farmer.

Hay day

This app is one of the must popular games, you can download it for free from App-store. It was made for portables gadgets but now you can play on your computer, too.

What do you have to do? You must take care of your farm (to work the land, caring for your animals and sell your products) and turn it into a profitable business. Now I have some suggestions for your purpose.

Like gems in Clash of clans here your treasure are the diamonds. Never use them just for going to the next level.

Don’t try to get rid of your tools and objects because there will come a time when the money you can get is not as useful as what you bring forth with them. If you can get more is better for you.

Don’t sell your seeds for completely, you will need them for make other crops. A profitable business means continuous investment and if you sell all your products you’ll have profits just for the moment because you’ll buy more expensive raw material for the next crops.

Learn the trade art. To make a profit you have to know when to sell and who to sell. Don’t sell to anyone interested in your goods at any price. Before selling research market prices.

You know there is some crops that require a longer period until harvest. Find the right time for planting, when you are going to sleep or when you are doing other activity than playing Hay day.

Buy products in large quantities because they will be more cheap. When you’ll sold in small quantities the price will be expensive and the profit too.

Make a Greg’s visit. He has good prices for the products you need. You can get tools from him. Be Greg’s friend, is in your advantage!

Leave the buildings for the night. When you want built something you must wait few hours for finish it. So, is better for you built when you have usual activities, when you are sleeping, when you are working, in this way you don’t spend your time looking how is built your new cowhouse.

Evidently this is not a strategy for being rich overnight, but in time you will see an progress with your farm and your friends will be more careful with them business.

Through Facebook you can sell your products to your friends and see them activity. In this way you will be able to take some decisions about your farm future.

This game was made for creative people with entrepreneurial spirit, but if you don’t know how to manage this, like every game, Hay day can create addiction.

Dragon City, The Game

Dragon City is a game about dragons where you must grow a baby dragon and evolve them into an astounding and amazing creature.

Dragon city

This game is in real time, even if you are not connected time continue to elapse.

You can find Dragon City in 3 formats, for PC, Android and IOS. To play the game you need to create an account. Every reward won in a battle can help you evolve your dragon. Every events is independent by the others. You can’t play with the same account on two platforms.

At beginning you have to choose a dragon which at level 1 means a baby dragon. You have to do some requirements where you must use your means. Because your means are limited you must take care how to use them. For every requirement finished you receive a prize.

The action take place on an island. Home is the island where your dragon lives, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go to others islands where you fight with others dragons and buy means.

There are two type of island: rack islands and special islands. Every prize that you receive has a specific thematic like the island where you won the battle .

You have three means for your objective: gold, food and gems. You can use the gold for buying basic dragons, build some construction or plant seeds in the farms. Food is used to grow the baby dragons, to pass next level. Stop feeding the little dragons not means them death, here food is experience. The gems are used for buy other dragons, to accelerate the time for breeding, hatching, construction, food from farms.

Every dragon has three stages, first stage mean baby dragon, the second begin at 4 level when the dragon is ready for the breeding process, and third stage is represented by the grown-up dragon.

Breeding time is between 20 seconds and 36 hour, it depends on the type of dragon that you want.

Black Dragon Market is an event where you can buy dragons, but you have to pay some gems, without this you can’t participate. You can find here form common to special dragons. They will give you an random list with box and if you don’t want them you can change the list for 3 gems. For play this event you must have 70 gems, because the most expensive dragon is in the last box. There are a lot of type of dragons: basic elemental, hybrid, rare hybrid, pure, pure elemental, legendary, specials, special hybrid.

When a babe dragon is born he must live in a habitat. There are different types of habitats for each specific element. If your dragon has just one element you must placed them only in the specific habitat of his element, if has more you have more options for the habitat.

This are just few tricks for progress, if you want more you have to be very careful how manage your dragon business.



Depression, condemning you to suffer in silence

Depression, condemning you to suffer in silence “Have I the only one who does not feel anything? Physically and mentally. I’m like an empty space. “This is disturbing testimony of a person who admits to suffering from depression. Like them, worldwide more than 350 million people are diagnosed with the disease, while many others suffer in silence, not knowing what happens to them, or not to accept the reality and ask for help.

Unfortunately, the disease often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms are hard to see, and sometimes because patients will not seek help for fear of being stigmatized and considered insane.

In the United States, for example, only 50% of adults with depression receive treatment, and of these only 19% were part of the minimum required medication under medical recommendation. This involves prescribing an antidepressant and attending several sessions of psychotherapy.

 Depression, condemning you to suffer in silence

But depression is not simply a “bad state”, on which one can move with an effort of will, but a disease that must fight and we must treat it right, just as they would treat if had cancer.


The problem of depression has been called into question after the suicide of actor Robin Williams, who deeply saddened death, but he also surprised many of his fans.


Some have asked why the actor had to end his life, since he had everything he could want a normal man: a family that loved him, career, talent, fame, money.


But, says Ramani Durvasula, a psychologist and professor of psychology at California State University in Los Angeles, he emphasized this very fulfilling life depression, feelings of guilt: he knew he had it, but despite this he was not feeling well, it seemed that his life has no meaning. Because that actually manifest the disease, no matter how rich or famous is suffering from this condition.


The disease can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, so necessary medications (antidepressants) that can solve this problem.

The disease can occur, however, as an answer wrong, exaggerated, stress, trauma. But if a person depressed due to financial difficulties come to commit suicide, she killed herself because of these problems, but because of the exaggerated importance which gave a subject, says Moe Gelbart, director of the Thelma McMillen Center for Outpatient Chemical Dependency of the Torrance Memorial hospital in California.


Psychologists state that patients can not be helped by friends, but by doctors as a heart patient should undergo treatment, not to try to heal, for example, using jokes meant to ensure proper disposal.


The same urge that many individuals launches their depression, disturbed – “get over it” – are unnecessary and do more harm, because it stigmatizes the person and emphasizes state of guilt and loneliness.


No one can heal itself and is not guilty fell ill. Depression is not a “fad”, an ailment the moment, so there is no way to go away after a good sleep, a successful comedy or out with friends at beer, how wrong some people imagine, psychologists warn.




What is depression and how to treat?




Instititul National Mental Health in the United States describes this disorder as a period of two weeks in which a person feels sad or show lack of interest in any activity, plus sleep disorders, eating, concentration or different perception of their image.


Often the first symptoms that occur are just natural, with no apparent relationship with a mental disorder.


Those who suffer from depression feel very tired, heavy, they seem impossible to go all the way even the most mundane activities such as climbing stairs or arrangement of the bed.


Others talk about the lack of any feelings of “emptiness” inside and work “on autopilot”, and the sensation of “chest presses.”


Be so careful these confessions, if they come from relatives or friends could be a warning, a cry for help first.



How does a laser?

How does a laser? The composition of a laser are usually two mirrors, an active environment and energy pumping device that performs active environment. Active medium can be solid (eg ruby crystal), gas (mixture of helium and neon), and semiconductor. For example, a ruby laser crystal comprises a crystal of ruby cylinder two parallel mirrors, silver or gold, and a discharge tube in a spiral shape, filled with a noble gas and a capacitor connected to the high capacity.

How does a laser?

Naturally, most of the atoms, ions or molecules are active environment in terms of energy in the ground state. To generate laser device performing pumping energy must generate what is called a population inversion in the active medium, ie to form a majority of atoms / ions / molecules (as appropriate, depending on the active medium) is find higher ground state energy levels. At random moments of time, some of these atoms, ions or molecules naturally return to the ground state, emitting in the process a quantum of light (photon) in a random direction. It is the phenomenon of spontaneous emission is not a very useful process in laser operation. Essentially the same phenomenon which function based neon light advertising, fluorescent lamps or CRT displays.

Einstein showed, however, that if some of these spontaneously emitted photon encounters an atom / ion / molecule excited active environment in a certain way, it will return to the ground state and the released photon will have properties similar to the one that rushed emission, so giving rise to stimulated emission (the same wavelength, the same circuit, the same driving direction).

Thus, the active medium will spontaneously emit photons initially in all directions at random moments of time. Occasionally, photons are emitted parallel to the length of the active medium. In this case, it will move repeatedly between the two mirrors. During his journey, will encounter atoms / ions / molecules excite and stimulate the emission of other photons with the same characteristics of frequency, phase and direction as his. The multiply along the cascade, creating a beam of monochromatic and coherent. If the carrying pumping can maintain the population inversion while producing stimulated emission cascade laser generation can be extended over time.

It should be noted that most lasers are systems based on 3 or 4 levels of energy. This means that to achieve the first phase, the population inversion and subsequently stimulated emission is intermediate atoms need to be so excited to get 2 or 3 levels above the ground state energy.

For example, a ruby laser crystal, the atoms are brought by two energy levels above the ground state, quickly returning naturally to level 1 (assuming the ground state 0) and stimulated emission occurs in the transition from level 1 to level 0.

Returning from ruby crystal laser operation should be noted that the ruby ​​is aluminum oxide which contain small amounts of chromium ions. Ruby cylinder used is several inches long and a few millimeters in diameter. The two parallel plane mirrors, polished with great care, are silver or gold so that one of them is completely opaque and the other partially transparent, allowing the laser light to be able to leave the facility. They are placed at the two ends of the cylinder ruby. Cylinder heads are metallized. Discharge tube, spiral, filled with neon, xenon or krypton mixtures of neon and is connected to a condenser and works like flash units from cameras. Discharge tube emits a very short time of order milliseconds, an ordinary light but intense, causing population inversion in ruby crystal. In carrying out this process they have particular importance chromium impurities contained in the ruby crystal. Chromium ions have three energy levels. The study shows that the energy levels of chromium that is irradiated ruby crystal green light with a wavelength equal to 0,560nm produced by discharge tube, part of chromium ions in the ground state energy will increase due to absorption of light radiation Green passing to a higher energy state with the two steady-state levels. It is said that the chromium ions passing through the optical pumping energy level 2. Then quickly back on level 1, then begin the process of spontaneous emission and laser generation described above.

Who invented the laser?

Who invented the laser? A modern technology with applications in various fields, but developed over several years. The laser is an invention that is used today in many areas where accuracy is most important. But have you ever wondered who invented the laser? Well, let’s find out together who is the inventor of the laser and the benefits it has brought in the modern world.

Laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation the” . Basically, it is a device that produces light by stimulated emission method.

 Who invented the laser?

Albert Einstein is reported by stimulated emission theory in 1917 He said it is possible to produce a beam of light that emit energy. The propagation of light beams with the right frequency could be targeted to atoms to produce energy.


In 1958, Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow developed a device called a maser (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – Microwave Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation). It was not a laser, but the development was crucial to the history of Maserati laser. Maserati was used to strengthen radio signals and astornautice research.


Although Charles Townes is the first to use the word “laser” in 1957, Theodore Maiman was the one who invented the first ruby laser. Townes claimed to already invented optical laser in 1957, but has not succeeded in emerging pattern until 1977, so the first human remains Maiman invented the laser functional.


In 1960, Ali Javan invented the gas laser using a mixture of helium and neon. It was the first time in the history of the laser when the electricity was turned into a laser. He followed the invention of the semiconductor laser Robert Hall in 1962 Two years later, Kumar Patel made ​​carbon dioxide laser, and Hal Walker followed with the invention of the laser telemetry.


Dr. Steven Trokel Excimer laser invented in the 1970s In the first phase, was used in computers, but in 1982, his team discovered the potential to treat eye. In 1987 there was the first ophthalmic laser surgery. Since then, laser eye treatment has become very common.


Laser history after 1960 was marked by improvements in technology, new inventions and thus increasing the applicability of laser in more and more areas. Besides eye treatments, lasers began to be used in other industries. Virtually all types of electronic devices using laser in one way or another. It is used in medical and scientific research facilities. Lasers are used to produce light shows at concerts and clubs, printers, dentistry, surgical procedures, welding and missile guidance systems. The list continues with many applications in many of its fields.


When it was invented, the researchers wondered what he could use laser. As history shows, the laser has become an invaluable part of modern society.


Now you know who invented the laser and how it became popular device in the modern world. We hope this article has satisfied you desire for knowledge and knowledge you enriched